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  • suggestions/following through/revenge | NC-17 | comedy | how did an innocent phone call spiral into this?
  • replay | NC-17 | romance | jonghyun has something to say about the nanjing kiss.
  • be quiet | NC-17 | comedy | jonghyun just wants a porn-watching buddy, that’s all.
  • sexual frustration | NC-17 | romance | in which jonghyun suffers from perpetual sexual frustration and the only person who can fix it is minho.
  • sleepy | NC-17 | romance | minho awakens to find somebody in his arms.
  • drawing | NC-17 | romance/fluff | jonghyun finds solitude in drawing.

  • lost | NC-17 | romance/angst | taemin is lost, and jinki notices.
  • midnight snack | NC-17 | romance/fluff | taemin couldn't sleep. he found himself in this situation often; and when he discovers that another person is awake, he doesn't hesitate to ask for his goodnight remedy. 
  • cameras | NC-17 | romance | sometimes, in her unfortunate line of work, eunsook really hates the cameras.
  • runaway | NC-17 | romance/angst/comedy | nobody deserves to be lonely.
  • kisses | PG-15 | fluff | taemin definitely doesn't want kisses.
  • turbulence | NC-17 | romance | onew experiences something new; and that something isn't turbulence.
  • je taem | NC-17 | romance/fluff | jonghyun and taemin get booked into the wrong room during their SMtown Paris concert. personally, jonghyun loves the room, yet taemin is reluctant, but the magnae of SHINee's opinion soon changes
  • leave | NC-17 | angst | taemin is being too uncooperative, and jonghyun is used to getting his way.
  • the illusionist | NC-17 | angst/fantasy | as a runaway, taeyeon has done a lot of things that she can't fathom.
  • constant claims and drinking games | chaptered | R | comedy/romance/angst | the general consensus goes a little something like this: taemin needs a job. really quickly.
  • home | NC-17 | fluff | a walk in the woods leads to something more.
  • i'd appreciate if you'd call me key | chaptered [complete] | NC-17 | angst/romance | shinee has a new member, the 'almighty' key, and minho instantly dislikes him. but maybe key isn't as bad as he thought?
  • i want your bite | NC-17 | romance | key looks pretty when he dances.
  • enough is enough | NC-17 | romance | key can't describe how much he hates when people touches his stuff without his permission. and jonghyun knows this all too well; but who says that will stop him?
  • know your place | NC-17 | romance/bite of fluff | minho likes when people know their place around him. but it seems like taemin just slipped out of his.
  • tongue-tied | NC-17 | romance | after a disastrous photo shoot, taemin and key find themselves in an awkward situation. taemin comes to a shocking realization after he is put in a position where he never thought he would be in.
  • rebel-kid | NC-17 | comedy | kibum's not really popular - but he's not a geek by any means and now that he thinks about it, neither is rebel-kid.
  • we'll always have this road trip | NC-17 | romance | seoul no longer holds any sentiment for taemin.
  • broken glasses | R | romance/drabble/comedy | his glasses always get in the way.
  • that's not in the script | NC-17 | romance/comedy | in which jonghyun is in the school play and jinki really can't keep his eyes off him.
  • track practice | PG-13 | fluff/drabble | minjung really hates track practice.
  • craving something sweet | NC-17 | romance | minho has a craving for something sweet and jinki looks especially delicious.
  • leader duties | ontaekey | NC-17 | romance/bite of fluff | some say that two is company; three is a crowd, but taemin and key would disagree.
  • untitled | jong2min | NC-17 | romance | pwp
  • on the count of three [collab] | jong2min | NC-17 | romance/angst | jonghyun, minho and taeyeon plan a two-day getaway for what is supposed to be some rest and relaxation.
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