mintyfresh1 (mintyfresh1) wrote,

rebel-kid (1/2)

title: rebel-kid (1/2)
pairing: taekey
rating: nc-17
word count: 10000+
summary: kibum's not really popular - but he's not a geek by any means and now that he thinks about it, neither is rebel-kid.
note: this was supposed to be written for a competition but it clearly isn't happening for me so... yeah. also. fuck lj's post limits. 

many thanks to my wonderful best friend and beta, bling_asaur bc i wouldn't be writing without her <3

He’s is the one that has deep black kohl-rimmed eyes, even though it isn’t permitted in school. The kid whose headphones are plugged in his ears religiously whenever he isn’t in class. He is the guy who hangs around the back of the school behind the science department with a cigarette hanging from his lips, taking draws without even using his fingers – just how a respected rebel is supposed to act.
Rebel-kid always sits in the secluded part of the library that Kibum visits almost daily. It makes Kibum’s job at least twenty times harder; it’s a lot more difficult to stalk if your prey is constantly out of view. He doesn’t talk much, so it’s not like Kibum can listen into his conversations and learn a little bit about him. He doesn’t do much to make himself noticed, really.
But, Kibum still notices him.
It’s a cool day in March when birds are singing and the sun is shining over the frost that he finally plucks up enough nerve to speak to him.  It’s going to be a good day, Kibum decides, practically skipping around his room like Snow White as he gets changed, and he even slaps on a change of makeup that he doesn’t usually wear – but immediately decides that he looks like a drag queen who’s name would be something erratic and creative like “Almighty Key” and that’s not a very good first impression, is it? So it gets removed as quickly as he put it on. Hell, he even practices some sultry gazes in his reflection as he fixes his hair, then realises that he isn’t trying to convince people that he’s taking a stroke.
His pep-talk into the mirror that very morning is proving to be useless, and so is the courage speech he gave himself on the walk to school, but it’s something he has to do. Well, at least that’s what he’s telling himself as he climbs up the stairs to the roof of the school. Technically, students aren’t actually allowed up there, but Kibum’s not exactly a rebel, even if the person who he’s looking for is, and it’s not like he’s going to get thrown off the side when he confesses, right?
“Hi… I’m Kibum.” He introduces himself to his object of probable desire after three painstakingly long years of avoidance. His voice is so humiliating; he sounds like he’s just run from a raging grizzly bear to whilst frolicking in the sweet fields of freedom, he’s that out of breath. And he sounds like he’s a smoking chimney. He needs to hit a gym before his ankles start swelling like Park Songsaengmin and he has more chins than the librarian.
Rebel-kid looks up at him from his cross-legged position on the cement with a scowl on his face, but he drops it when he notices who is talking to him. It mustn’t be who he expects, Kibum decides. “Um...Hi?”
Oh fuck, Kibum swears in his head when he hears the angelic voice, this was a very bad idea, what was I thinking, I need to get out of here. Taking a deep breath, Kibum smiles as best as he can, but he just knows that it’s one of his smiles that make him look like a bitch because his eyes don’t join the act. He bows. “Sorry, I just wanted to talk to you, so, um, bye.”
Before he gets the chance to embark on his self-mutilation mission that has manifested in his mind, a cold hand attaches itself around his wrist like a leech and Kibum turns around, eyes darting from the hand to the owner. His eyebrows rise when rebel-kid doesn’t give any headway to tell him why he’s clinging onto Kibum.
“Um, can you, uh, can you let go, please?”
“You said your name was...Kibum right?”
“Ah, yeah, um, that’s me!” It’s the best he can do under these circumstances, Kibum reasons with himself.
“Why are you up here? Nobody comes up here.” He drops his hand and Kibum stares at his wrist like it’s been cleanly chain sawed from his limb.
Kibum wants to correct him because actually, there are two people on the roof at that moment so people do actually come up here, but he manages to bite his tongue. “I just wanted to tal…think.” He dismisses the idea of confessing now; he can’t possibly ever speak to rebel-kid ever again in his entire existence. He nearly pats himself on the back for his sweet save. “About things. Life. You know, circle of life, human reproduction, all that fun stuff.” Oh my God. At this point, Kibum is freaking the hell out and is considering tossing himself over the side himself if his crush won’t.
Kibum can clearly see that rebel-kid is trying his hardest not to chuckle. Kibum scowls indirectly. “Human reproduction, huh?”
“Yeah, is there anything wrong with that?” He says like he actually wants to ponder how to have sex without condoms, and he mentally bangs his head off the wall, hard enough so that it knocks him out.
Rebel-kid shakes his head, a smirk fighting with his plump little lips and Kibum decides that the moment he returns home, the only thing he can possibly do is commit heartless suicide. “Nothing wrong with it at all. I could demonstrate some stuff for you some time, if you think it’ll help.” Rebel-kid shrugs.
Kibum’s eyes widen at that, because he never, ever though that rebel-kid who never speaks or laughs could even consider the possibility of flirting with somebody, never mind offering to have sex with/in front of them. “I, uh, I-I…I think I’m fine by myself, thanks.”
“Well…” Rebel-kid slightly groans as he picks himself up from his position and dusts off his perk ass with his short fingers, “Hit me up if you ever get tired of masturbation.”
Kibum chokes on his own spit when he tries to swallow – that was definitely not what he meant! All odds are against him though, the entire world is against him he decides, and he doesn’t even get a chance to correct himself because rebel-kid is already sauntering down the stairs.
Kibum contemplates knocking himself out now, and he decides why the hell not, so he hits his head off the wall lightly. Immediately, he moves his head away and winces, palm covering his forehead to relieve some of the pain and he plucks a little rock that’s wedged itself in his skin like foam.
So, suicide was out then.
“Jinki. I don’t think I’m correctly stressing how much I want to die right now.”
“No, no, Kibum, you’re stressing it just fine, I just think you’re being a little bit melodramatic.”
Kibum decides that maybe, just maybe, homicide would be better, seeing as his impending suicide didn’t exactly go as he had planned.
The next time he sees rebel-kid is a week later as he’s walking towards the library. It doesn’t happen expectedly, don’t get Kibum wrong here, because the last thing he wants is to see rebel-kid now. Well, truth be told, he does want to see him again, but not in a close enough perimeter that rebel-kid actually notices him.
Kibum blinks when rebel-kid bumps into him and knocks his mobile phone out of his hand. The only possible device that could’ve saved him from this imminent horrific event, is the cause of it.
“Oh, Kibum, right?”
“Ah, hey, I didn’t see you there!” Liar, Kibum insults himself, you’re going to get bad karma if you continue this.
“Is this yours?” He’s holding Kibum’s phone, but his hand isn’t outstretched in an offer to return it. He’s actually pressing buttons. He’s actually searching through Kibum’s phone.
Oh shi – “Who’s ‘Rebel-kid’?” The words come from the very own rebel-kid himself.
“He’s…My best friend.”
“Why do you call him rebel-kid?”
“Because he’s a rebel, and he’s a kid.”
“Do you love him?”
Kibum’s choke on his saliva. “I don’t love him.” Kibum defends himself. He doesn’t love rebel-kid - no really he doesn’t - he just has a morbid fascination with him.
Disapproval pinches rebel-kid’s features. “You’ve written a poem about him.”
“It’s not a poem!” Kibum snatches the phone out of rebel-kid’s hands and actually has to ask himself why he didn’t do it sooner. “They’re lyrics.” He pouts and holds the phone to his chest, his eyes gazing down at the floor like it’s just become the most fascinating thing in the entire world.
“You write lyrics?”
“I don’t write lyrics.” He mumbles and barks at his self-conscience when it scolds him for lying.
“Is this going to become a habit of yours?”
“What?” Kibum glances up and meets rebel-kid’s eyes.
“Casually denying everything I ask.”
Rebel-kid breaks into a smile, and it’s the most beautiful thing that Kibum has ever seen in his entire existence. But, Kibum is a little sceptic – it’s obvious that this is a complete recipe for disaster.
“There you go again.” Rebel-kid looks at him with glimmering humour shining in his eyes.
“Pfft.” He mumbles to the floor, mobile phone still clutched to his chest like it’s the sacred device that allows communication with Mars.
“Excuse me?” Kibum blinks.
“My name. It’s Taemin. You don’t seem to talk much, so I guess you asking for it is completely out of the question.”
Kibum wants to correct him again – he’s actually a complete chatterbox, just not around ‘Taemin’ in this situation, and ‘Taemin’ would’ve figured that out, had he been the quiet rebel-kid who spoke to nobody in the back of the class. Believe it or not, Kibum had planned to do all the talking between the two, his grandmother says that he can chat for the entire of Seoul, but then ‘Taemin’ spoke and now everything’s gone to shit.
“You’re supposed to be the one who doesn’t talk much.” He pouts and murmurs under his breath.
‘Taemin’ cracks another smile. “Just because I don’t speak to people here doesn’t mean that I don’t talk at all.”
“Yeah, well, you ruined everything.” Kibum harrumphs and turns to leave like the five year old that he truly is.
But no, things can’t ever possibly go as he plans them to anymore.
“Have you thought about my offer?”
Kibum whirls around.. “What, your proposal to have se – … demonstrate sexual play to me? I certainly do not want to watch you fuc - demonstrate somebody in front of me.”
‘Taemin’ is holding back his smile again, Kibum notices. His eyes have a glint to them, a sparkle that isn’t there when he’s not smiling. “My offer doesn’t extend to third parties, I’m afraid, so in actuality, it would be just me and you.” He leans in and whispers the last part like they’re planning a mission to steal all pencils in the school from the horrid people who constantly ask for them, even if you’ve already given them three.
Kibum takes a step back. “I am not your whore, Taemin.” He spits out with venom at ‘Taemin’. “Is Taemin even your name?” He says, arms nearly reaching out to clasp the words and shove them right back down his vocal chords.
‘Taemin’ cocks his eyebrow, amused. “Why would I lie to you about my name?”
“Oh, I don’t know, maybe it’s your porn alter-ego – the one you use to get people to… demonstrate on.” Ugh, what is going on?! Why am I still talking?!
“Why don’t you just say... fuck?” Taemin smiles as he watches Kibum cringe at the very word.
“I’m not a slut.”
Taemin doesn’t say anything for a few moments. He simply stares at Kibum, head slightly cocked to the left, studying his features. “You’re pretty odd, Kibum.” He finally speaks. “You might even be weirder than me. We should be friends.”

“Jinki, are you even fucking listening to me? Stop eating for one goddamn second, will you?!” Kibum tears the fresh chicken wing from Jinki’s greasy fingers and throws it back onto the box.
“Kibum. Stop being a drama queen. He said ‘friends’, not criminals.” Jinki says with a pout, licking the grease off his fingers.
Taemin should’ve just said criminals, really, because the murder that Kibum is about to commit easily considers him as one.
“Hey, are you going to eat the rest of that? Aish, Kibummie, why do you leave some? Look, no don’t look away, do you see what’s left here? There are starving people in the world, Kibum. You can’t just leave bits like that.”
Yeah, Kibum’s definitely about to become a criminal.
He sees Taemin the next day on his progressively boring walk to school. Obviously, he isn’t the best ‘investigator’ in the world because he had no idea that Taemin even lived near him, but Kibum figures he must, since he’s walking on the same route as him. His nose wrinkles as he wonders why he’s never seen Taemin on his walk to school. And then he remembers that time that he had once been fantasizing about Taemin and his mind conjured up the image of him walking in front. Maybe that day that he had convinced himself he was insane was a complete waste, then.
Kibum doesn’t see Taemin for the rest of the week though, not even in the library, which is where he is currently living with a prominent frown on his face.
“What you up to?” The Lucifer himself shows up at Kibum’s side, walking a little bit faster than him to get ahead before he turns around to face him, but neither of them stops walking, and the frown doesn’t leave Kibum’s face for a single second.
“Going home.” He glances over at Taemin and huffs at how angelic he looks, despite his personality being the exact opposite. Hmmph.
“Want to come over to my house? We can play video games or something.”
“I don’t like video games.”
“Yeah, neither do I.” Taemin shrugs and for the first time since he’s formally met Taemin, Kibum cracks a light-hearted smile.
“Why would you even suggest that we play them then, you idiot.” He reaches out and ruffles Taemin’s blond locks, to which Taemin rolls his eyes at.
“Well what?”
“What do you say? Want to hang out at my house?”
“Um…Sure.” And just like that, Kibum’s awkward interior is back, and he curses himself for letting it slip in the first place.
That didn’t work out for long. The whole façade must’ve been something that Kibum had concocted up in his mind, because as it goes right now, it’s obvious that his awkward self hasn’t returned yet, and he’s currently laying on Taemin’s single bed with an obvious boner and a very, very limber Taemin straddling him tightly at the hips, leaving very little for Kibum’s vivid imagination.
“You…We…What are we doing?” Kibum’s nervous. He’s as nervous as the time when he first moved to Seoul and a scary man asked him to come with him. But, it’s a little different, because the way that Taemin can move his hips is nothing short of sinful and it’s something that Kibum never wants him to stop doing.
“Fooling around.” Taemin smirks but it eases into a caring smile as he leans down to capture Kibum’s lips again. He’s obviously very skilled in that particular area. Their tongues slither together and Taemin moans into his mouth – to Kibum, it feels like the vibrations are coming from him rather than the beauty on top of him, and he exercises the thought of them actually being exerted from his half of the kiss. Taemin nips at his tender lower lip and soothes it with a flash of his tongue, and Kibum’s pretty sure that the noises are coming from him now.
All thought comes to an end when he feels cold fingers come in contact with the warm skin that’s hidden by his shirt. Or rather, it was hidden, but now it’s not because Taemin’s pulling his shirt underneath his armpits with his fingers to reveal his dark nipples. They don’t stay there for long; they don’t even stand a chance against Kibum throwing Taemin off him to sit up and hastily pull the fabric back down.
“What…What do you…What are you doing?!” Kibum cradles his arms to his abdomen as they rest on his thighs and looks back to see Taemin leaning back on his heels, chewing on his lower lip.
“Are you a virgin?”
Kibum lets his gaze fall to the bed then; he can’t withstand the stare that Taemin is giving him. It’s like he’s alien, and hey, maybe his phone is actually the device that can contact Mars, because right now, he’s completely foreign to everything that’s going on. It’s humiliating, and no he’s not exactly a virgin, to answer Taemin’s question. He just hasn’t had sex with a guy, and he just hasn’t had the chance to act on his knowledge yet. “I thought we were going to be friends.”
It’s not that Kibum doesn’t want to be with Taemin. Maybe he does. He hadn’t got that far. All he knew was that he wanted to know him, but now that he does, he doesn’t know what to do with him.
“Okay… We can be friends, Kibum.” Taemin smiles and leans forward to plant a soft kiss on Kibum’s flushed cheek. “Hey, how does a video game sound right now? No? How about a nice movie then?”
It’s been a pretty normal day for Kibum. He had gotten up, sang to the birds again as he got dressed and had managed to catch up with Taemin on the walk to school. It’s a lot easier not to miss him when he sees Taemin more frequently, Kibum figures out, and even though he doesn’t see him for the rest of the day, the two had planned a sleepover, Friday night at Kibum’s house since his grandmother was currently visiting his mother (Kibum had elaborately came up with a plan that he couldn’t possibly go because he had ‘tons of homework, grammy, but I promise I’ll come with you next time!’). He’s not particularly sure why he wants to be alone with Taemin – they’re only friends after all and it’s not like they’re going to do something that couldn’t be done when his grandmother was there – but he does.
And then, whilst the two had been casually chewing on some popcorn (those occasional hand touches when they both went for a piece make Kibum's heart pound, although he refuses to admit it), Kibum’s world comes crashing down.
“Jinki?! What on earth are you doing here?” Kibum freezes at the door, lowering his voice as he looks back to make sure that Taemin hasn’t followed him.
“Hey, Kibummie, I brought some beer, you know, ‘cause your grammy is out of town.”
“Only I can call her that, you punk.” He says in a hushed whisper. “Get out of here!”
“What? Why?” Jinki looks genuinely hurt, and the two pause during the unfortunate time that something funny happens on the television. Taemin’s laugh penetrates through the ice. “You have company?”
“No.” Kibum says immediately. He’s really got to stop lying.
Before he can stop his deranged best friend, Jinki pushes through the barrier that his arm had made and bounces his way through to the living room. “Hi! I’m Jinki, who are you?”
Kibum catches up immediately, lunging over Jinki’s body to try and catch him in a headlock, but it doesn’t really work and the two end up looking closer than Kibum would like to admit.
Taemin sits up straighter on the couch the second he realises that he doesn’t have a clue who the intruder is, eyes guarded as he eyes Jinki up suspiciously. “…Taemin.”
“Oh, you’re Taemin?” Jinki turns to Kibum. “He’s pretty cute. I want to pinch his cheeks…” Jinki glances back to Taemin and realises that his look isn’t a friendly one. “Even if he’s glaring at me like I’m the antichrist.”
“That’s enough, Jinki.”
“But, I brought beer!” Jinki frowns.
“You…brought beer?” Taemin perks up to the thought and Kibum almost hits his head with his hands. He knows exactly where this is headed.
“What kind?”
“Can he stay?” Taemin’s speaking to Kibum now, and he’s looking so adorable, like little children do when they’re asking for a pet. It’s inappropriately endearing and Kibum doesn’t have the heart to say ‘No! You cannot have a bunny!” and so, he agrees reluctantly.
“You…You never know when people might rape you though! One day, you’re just wandering around, turn around and boom! A cock is up your ass! Taemin, child, my dear, dear child, you must be careful out there. Promise you won’t get raped.” Jinki slurs and Kibum can’t even get passed the point of hilarity to anger because he’s pretty sure that there’s now two Taemin’s in the room, instead of one.
“Taemin, why are there two of you?” He asks. “Taemin? What one am I asking? Jinki!” He clings to Jinki’s arm. Jinki can save him. “Jinki! I don’t know which Taemin is real!”
“You two are really bad drunks.” Taemin says dryly, lifting his bottle to his plump, delicious lips and Kibum decides that he wants to be that bottle so fucking bad. He leans over then, after he’s positive that he’s chosen the correct Taemin, and waves the bottle away from Taemin’s lips, where he shortly then attaches his own.
“Ew, you guys, that’s totally gross.” Kibum hears Jinki gagging behind them, but he can’t focus on anything other than the feel of Taemin against him, his bony fingers clenching Kibum’s hipbone so hard he could bruise. Kibum pushes him back against the couch, but fails to realise that Taemin is neither laying down or sitting up, he’s on that awkward border that makes things a little difficult, but he can’t even remember if the word difficult is even in his vocabulary anymore because he’s straddling Taemin now, and he feels like he can conquer the world.
Only if Taemin’s at his side, though.
Taemin reciprocates to the kiss lightly, his tongue thrusting inside Kibum’s mouth teasingly and it’s like dealing with the devil. Taemin just won’t give in to what Kibum wants.

Kibum tears apart their lips with an audible smack and presses their foreheads together as he pants, his hands slithering their way down his chest and abdomen. He finishes his slow descent after he’s mapped out every part of Taemin’s torso, and his palm curls around Taemin’s crotch, where he can feel Taemin’s bulge hardening as he caresses him through his jeans. Kibum can’t even remember if Jinki’s still in the room, but if he is, he might want to leave soon – what Kibum’s planning isn’t something that he wants an audience for.
Taemin feels better in his hand than Kibum’s own cock does, and he works his fist up and down the shaft, thumbing over the head the way that he does when he’s masturbating. It makes Taemin’s back arch in the air as he sucks in a heavy breath and Kibum gazes up through hooded lids at the beautiful play in front of him. Taemin looks heavenly, lips perpetually agape as a silent moan escapes his lips when Kibum flicks his wrist around the head and back down the shaft.
“Fuck, Kibum.” Taemin moans loudly then, and it’s like Kibum is listening to his favourite song on repeat. He didn’t know that somebody could make him feel this way, make his heart flutter with a breath and make his body feel like he’s about to burst into flames, but Taemin is doing just that with each of his breathy moans and intense stares. It might be the alcohol, but he's positive it’s just Taemin.
His ‘friend’ sits up and wraps his arms around Kibum loosely enough to allow him to keep working his shaft and he kicks a solid line of saliva up Kibum’s neck before biting down onto the sensitive flesh. Kibum’s the one to moan then, neck flexing to allow Taemin more room as he concentrates on the hard cock in his hand.
“You give amazing hand jobs.” Taemin muses and Kibum can feel him smiling against his neck as his hand comes up to thread through Kibum’s hair, palm cradling the side of his head as he soothes the tender skin he bit with his tongue. Kibum feels light-headed, the alcohol is wearing off now, and instead he’s high off lust, want, and complete need for Taemin.
“Taemin~” He breathes, chewing on his lower lip and he turns his head to connect their lips again. He nibbles on Taemin’s lip this time, alternating between meshing tongues and swapping spit, and he’s pretty sure that nobody else on the planet will ever make him feel this way.
“Fuck, Kibum, you’re going to make me cum.” Taemin sounds breathless, voice slightly pitched like he’s surprised what Kibum is doing to him. “Fuck, I’m coming.” He pants, a loud, high pitched moan ripping free, tightening the grip on Kibum’s hair to an uncomfortable degree, but it doesn’t stop his fascination as he watches the ropes of white spurt from Taemin’s cock, splattering against Kibum’s shirt as he feels Taemin’s tensed thighs squirm underneath him.
“You’re so hot.” Taemin moans, arms giving way so he’s partially lying back again and he brings up his knees, shaking Kibum’s wrist off his cock so he can slide him forward. The valley of his ass envelopes Taemin’s cock, and Taemin slightly whimpers, “sensitive,” but it doesn’t stop a sudden shock of electricity surges through Kibum and he grips Taemin’s shoulders, fingernails burning red crescents into the pale skin as he fights back a moan, a whimper, a beg, anything.
“Please.” Kibum whimpers, unsure what he’s asking for, but he wants Taemin to touch him, he needs to feel what Taemin just felt.
“What? What is it that you want, Kibum?” Taemin breathes into Kibum’s ear teasingly, his hot breath sending shivers down his spine and doing nothing to help his straining erection or how hot he feels.
“I don’t…I don’t know…” Kibum flushes a colour that he doesn’t know was humanly possible and hides his head in Taemin’s chest.
“Do you want my hand?” Taemin nuzzles the side of his head to bring it back up. “Or…” His voice lowers significantly and his tongue trails the shell of Kibum’s ear. “Would you like my mouth?”
“Y-your mouth…” He whispers.
“What was that?” Taemin says and Kibum pulls away to glare at him, his blush turning him into a tomato. “Do you want my mouth, Kibum? You want my lips wrapped around your throbbing cock?” Taemin’s eyes hood and he cradles Kibum’s back as he pushes Kibum off his lap and onto the carpet.
“Do you want to cum in my mouth while I deep throat you?”
Kibum nearly moans just at the words. It’s everything he wants, and it’s the only thing he’s thinking of now. “Yeah.” He pants, eyes trailing over Taemin’s body as he shimmies Kibum’s jeans down his thighs and lets them pool at his ankles.
“Okay.” Taemin smirks, his hot breath fanning over where Kibum desperately wants him. He’s so close, his lips are inches away from Kibum’s cock and Kibum can’t bring himself to tear his eyes away, watching Taemin and waiting for that blissful moment when he’s finally inside that beautiful mouth.
Kibum sucks in a harsh breath when Taemin finally takes him in after what feels like hours of torture, and his head thumps off the carpet roughly, trying to get his brain to work. He never expected anything to feel this good, so warm, so wet. Taemin’s tongue is amazing, so sinful, and he looks utterly debauched and everything that Kibum would’ve expected him to look like with his lips thinned as Kibum’s cock slides in and out, in and out, like clockwork. He’s doing all the right things to test Kibum, see how far he can take him without actually letting him release.
“Taemin… That feels good.” He can understand why Taemin sounded surprised, because he now sounds the same. His toes are curling, his fingers are trying to find purchase by gripping onto the small fibres of the carpet, but nothing’s working. “That feels so fucking good.” A moan, a breathy moan escapes his mouth and his thighs tense. There’s nothing tentative about what Taemin’s doing, he knows exactly how to tease and give to the point of insanity.
His fingers curl around what his mouth can’t reach without gagging, although it isn’t much. Taemin slows down the moment when he decides to take Kibum to the back of his throat, moving closer and closer to the point of Kibum’s pubes, his throat clenching around the head of Kibum’s cock repeatedly, and slides back up, flicking his tongue against the head once he reaches it.
“Ahhh.” Kibum’s stomach tenses and his back momentarily curves from the ground, holding in the feeling as well as he can. Kibum’s eyes almost rolling back into his head, Taemin is killing him with his mouth, and he thinks that maybe that wouldn’t be such a horrible way to go.
It’s when Taemin moans around Kibum’s cock – like Kibum's cock is the most delicious thing he's ever had in his mouth – that Kibum realises that he’s completely done for. There’s no way he can stop the feeling, dangerously wavering on the cliff edge of losing all control – but then he’s back at the hilt of Taemin’s mouth and Taemin’s voluntarily gagging around him again.
He knew it was coming, but he didn’t expect the power of his orgasm to be enough that he grips onto Taemin’s head and holds his head in place, thrusting into Taemin’s mouth while he rides out the flashes of white behind his eyelids, and the waves of luscious pleasure crashing through him. He feels like he’s going to pass out, the feeling is so strong, and after he comes down from his high, he falls limp on the floor, spread eagle and panting loudly.
Taemin mistakes this for still being drunk and he pulls Kibum’s jeans back up with a feverish smile playing his lips. “Let’s get you to bed, Kibum-hyung.”
Tags: fandom: shinee, genre: au!, genre: comedy, genre: romance, pairing: taekey, rating: nc-17, type: oneshot
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