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we'll always have this road trip (1/1)

title: we'll always have this road trip (1/1)
pairing: taekey
rating: nc-17
word count: 8368
summary: seoul no longer holds any sentiment for taemin.
note: i'll never understand why my taekey fics are so long.
dedicated to the beautiful mhn77
i was going to write this out and send it to you. but then it became 8k nope
forever grateful for my bff and beta bling_asaur, luff yew <3

City lights lay out before us
And your arm felt nice wrapped 'round my shoulder
And I had a feeling that I belonged
And I had a feeling I could be someone

tracy chapman - fast car | picture credit

Taemin is twelve years old when he thinks ‘I am so done with this place’. Seoul no longer holds any sentiment for him. He’s skipped school often enough to be a seasoned pro, and jumps on the first train. It takes him over to Janggok, which isn’t as far as he had initially hoped for, but it did the trick. He was home by curfew and his mother still doesn’t know to this day.

At the awkward age of fifteen, Taemin steals his mother’s credit card from her wallet when she’s sleeping and books a flight for Japan. Plans to travel into the unknown, venture into mysterious forbidden land and taste what life should be like. The second his bags are packed and he is this close to walking right out that front door, his father calls. He wishes to see Taemin. And if he’s not there by noon, he will be calling Taemin’s mother.

Taemin thinks that his prime time is seventeen. With puberty well out of the way, he can focus on more important things, like how hot Junghee looks when she has to bend over to get into her locker at school, or how shapely Minjung’s legs are when they’re running laps in P.E. To him, running away seems a little idiotic now that he has a date with Eunsook-noona on Friday at seven pm. It’s Thursday.

A nasty fight with his mother kicks him over the edge. He’s twenty years old, and ready to take on the world. Driving at this age makes his life ten times easier, and so does the emergency credit card he got when he was sixteen. His savings are small, but they’ll do. A map of South Korea and a dart make his decision. He’s going to Busan.

Taemin’s life completely changes when he’s twenty years old. A certain Kim Kibum is partially to blame.


The roads are long, and Taemin has never been the best at following directions. The sun outside is relentless, it’s so hot and being stuffed inside his car doesn’t make it any better, but Taemin finds that he doesn’t particularly mind; one hand on the wheel, the other slung out the window, tapping and sliding his fingers against the metal like he’s playing his piano. There’s a specific song replaying in his head, but it’s only one specific line of that song, over and over in his head like a scratched record, and for the life of him, Taemin cannot even remember what the lyrics are.

He’s going to miss that piano.

Taemin sighs. The heat that radiates from his arm feels absolutely glorious as he brings it in from outside and switches hands on the wheel to turn on the radio. Guitar strums and a soft voice leak from the speakers and Taemin vaguely smiles in hope for this stupid song to stop thrashing in his mind. He musses his hair through his fingertips and readjusts the sunglasses on his nose, then throws his arm back out the window.

This is the most relaxed that Taemin has ever been in his entire life. He’s finally leaving. Currently, he’s technically only passed one “Welcome to~” sign, but it’s all uphill from here.

The road is long. One stretch of never ending grey accompanied with dotted white. If Taemin wasn’t high, completely lost in the adrenaline of freedom, he would probably lose focus, smash his car and everything would be over. He doesn’t want that kind of leaving though. Taemin blinks and his lazy smile has returned as he puts both hands on the wheel. He doesn’t know what awaits him in Busan. Hell, he has no idea what awaits him within the next few minutes. That’s the fun part.

The song on the radio switches. The sun is hotter. The roads get wider. Everything is changing, and Taemin fucking loves it.

Taemin is unsure as to how long he’s been driving for, but it’s not been very long. Probably fifteen minutes or so. When he looks out the window, all he sees are different shades of the same colour. He lets himself relax into his seat, he’s well out of Seoul now, and his mind wanders as he gazes outside to the rolling fields.

His foot slams down on the brake pedal when he glances back to the road and sees a blurred object in touching distance of his car. When his vision focuses it registers that it’s actually a person. Taemin pants in his seat, his grip on the steering wheel is so fucking tight that his knuckles are turning white and his fingers burn, heart jittering and legs trembling. He can hear the dull throb of his pulse in his ears.

“What the fuck are you doing!” he shouts out the window to the person in front of his car. The man’s smile doesn’t calm Taemin’s nerves. He slides off his sunglasses. “Are you trying to kill yourself?!” His arms flail as he communicates his distress. The man’s smile grows to a Cheshire grin as he saunters over to the car and folds over, claiming the rim of the window as his own.

“Yeah, I thought you were seriously going to hit me for a second. You’re a bad driver.” He winks. Taemin notes that his eyes…they’re unlike anything he’s seen before. So fierce, so deep that Taemin can mentally feel himself shrink under the man’s fiery gaze. “Can I hitch a ride?”

“Excuse me?” Taemin tilts back in his seat, spaces himself away from the man even though he’s at the opposite window.

The man cocks out his hip and rests his hand on the bone as he pops his head into the car, looks around. He doesn’t remove himself immediately like Taemin had initially assumed. “There’s room for one more, right?” He says. His voice is deep, way deeper than Taemin’s.

“Are you….trying to seduce me into giving you a ride?”

“Is it working?”

“Not particularly.” Taemin replies tersely as he scoots a little further back in his seat.

The man gives a hearty chuckle, his thin body quaking as he stands upright. “I never pegged you as a straight guy.” He says as he swings opens the door of Taemin’s car. With a slam, he’s situated in the passenger seat, tosses his bag over his shoulder into the little valley of the trunk.

“Well, I am.” Taemin defends himself as he realises that he’s already been insulted twice by a guy who he’s never even seen before. Taemin’s eyes squint as he looks over to his new companion and weighs the pros and cons in his head. Pros win. “Alright. Fine. Where are you going?”

“Where are you going?”


“Drop me off at Daegu. It’s on the way.”

“I know where Daegu is.” Taemin retorts. “What’s your name?”


Taemin knows that he really shouldn’t be picking up a stray. Anything could happen. He disregards it because of that sole reason. “I’m Taemin. It’s nice to meet you.” Taemin switches from neutral to first gear and brings the car back into movement, focusing his attention back onto the road.

“Likewise.” Pause. “Thanks, by the way.”

“It’s not a problem. I’m passing Daegu anyway.”

It takes Taemin about 10 seconds to realise that Kibum’s smile is full of mischief and offers nothing to settle.

“So, what’s in Busan?” Kibum has his elbow on the window rim, knuckles folded and holding up his head.

Taemin shrugs. “I don’t know yet.”

“Why are you going?” Kibum tries again.

“Why not?”

“Touché.” Kibum breathes a laugh and redirects his attention back out the window. “I was born in Daegu. Moved to Seoul trying to make it big. Didn’t really happen for me.”

“I’m…sorry.” Taemin eventually voices. He’s not too sure what he’s supposed to say to console.

“The industry doesn’t think very highly of homosexuals.” Kibum explains. “Said I was too flamboyant in every fucking audition. Every god damn audition! I’m not even flamboyant!” Kibum rolls his eyes, shakes his head.

“I can only imagine.” Taemin’s tries empathy. Doesn’t work as well as he had thought. “Why don’t you just act straight?”

“Honey, please, I spent 20 years inside the closet. I lost a lot of people close to me when I came out. I didn’t do that just to waltz back in two years later.” Kibum flicks his fringe out of his intense eyes, and when Taemin glances over, he sees a mirror of himself in Kibum’s pupils, the masking of pain.


“Although, the porn industry loves gays.” Kibum turns in his seat to fully face Taemin, and the grin playing on his lips is a little overwhelming.

“You’re a porn star?” Taemin’s brows rise and his eyes widen as he glances over momentarily. The road is so empty in front of him, a wide expanse of freedom, and although Taemin could afford to keep his eyes on Kibum like he wants to, he refuses himself.

“Nah, I’m just messin’ with ya. You look cute when you’re surprised.”


Taemin has never really thought of himself as gay. When he packed up his car and shot his mother a rude gesture with one particular finger as a farewell and cursed her to hell, he had the idea of meeting a nice young fisherman’s daughter in Busan. Maybe he’d marry her, settle down and pop out a couple of little ones. She would be beautiful, a nice token hanging off his arm. In a couple of years though. Taemin still thinks he’s a little young for that.

Now? Now, Taemin’s really not sure. Because those eyes….those eyes are doing something to him, and he doesn’t understand it.

“Ugh, how long have we been driving for?” Kibum groans as he clutches his stomach.

Taemin clears his throat. It’s been pretty silent for the past few moments, but he doesn’t particularly mind considering his lack of compatibility to what Kibum’s interests are. “About an hour?”

“I’m so hungry.” Kibum’s pretty little mouth pulls down at the corners as he rubs the clothed plane of his stomach. It grumbles in complaint.

“Do you want to stop off and get something? I think we’re coming up to a town soon.”

Kibum moans, loud enough for Taemin to glance over. “Fuck yes.”

Taemin clenches his teeth, shuffles in his seat and his fingers subconsciously grip the steering wheel just that much tighter. Focus is what he really needs right now, not the distraction of Kibum moaning and groaning in the seat next to him.

“Perhaps – ” Taemin squeaks. He clears his throat. “Perhaps we should buy a map.” He keeps his eyes on the road. Can’t really afford to glance over like he wants to. “You know, just in case we get lost.”

“I doubt we’ll get lost.” Kibum chuckles and brings his legs up, pitching his feet on the dashboard. He plays with the laces of his shoes, accidently unties one and doesn’t fix it immediately.

“Well, you never know.” Taemin shrugs and takes one hand off the wheel, planting his elbow on the rim of the window and resting his head on his bent fingers. “Get your feet off my dashboard.” He deadpans, “Please.” He adds at the last minute when Kibum clucks his tongue.

“Your car’s a piece of shit anyway.” Kibum complains and reluctantly removes his feet with a sigh.

“Well, at least I have a means of transportation.” Taemin says before he realises that he’s just said what he’s thinking. He knows it was uncalled for, because the reason why Kibum is hitchhiking really is none of his business, and the unknown territory might be one not to be ventured into.

The lack of reply hurts more than it should.

They arrive later than Taemin predicted, late enough that the sun is starting to fade and a pink hue masks the sky. The town is absolutely tiny. Smaller than anticipated. Filled to the brim with traditional buildings, the one that Taemin remembers reading about in geography and history, the occasional modern architecture throwing them astray. Locals scamper down the main street that streams right through the centre of the town. Taemin makeshifts a parking spot on the pavement, with the thought that the police force will most likely be a joke, right outside of a café. The smell of coffee and freshly prepared cuisine is enough to stir a rumble from Taemin’s stomach.

Taemin yawns into the back of his hand as they stumble into the café. The door chimes ring behind them as they locate a seat and collapse into it, despite how nice it feels to actually be on their feet after so long. But Taemin is exhausted, driving for a long period of time is something he’s not used to, and having to engage in petty small talk with essentially a stranger is consuming.

Taemin orders the biggest meal on the menu. Kibum orders water and a muffin.

“Didn’t you say you were starving?” Taemin questions once the waiter is out of eavesdropping distance.

“I certainly am.” Kibum nods with a smile, but Taemin’s brows only deepen in his forehead.

“Then why did you only order a muffin?” He asks.

“Um…” Kibum drawls out as he rests his head on his palm. “They look good.” He gestures to the glass cabinet at the counter with his eyes and Taemin’s head follows. The muffins look disgusting, probably stale and tasteless.

Taemin glances back to Kibum, his head following shortly after, and cocks a brow. “Right.”

“We should probably find a motel or something; I can see you yawning over there.” Kibum playfully shoots daggers like there’s something wrong with that. “There’s got to be at least one in this kickass little town.” Taemin has yet to reply, completely enraptured in the way Kibum’s bow lips move with every formation of the word. “Well,” Kibum continues, “I mean, I’m fine but you just look kind of tired that’s al – ”

“Yeah, you’re right. We should.”

They ease into a relaxing silence, Kibum’s eyes dragging over the walls and stalls of the café and Taemin’s eyes on Kibum. There’s something strange about him, something that draws Taemin closer. Kibum turns his head to the side, watching the waitress at the counter as she counts money for a customer, and Taemin’s eyes glaze over as he gapes at the pale expanse of Kibum’s neck. He’s flawless.

“Am I that attractive?” Kibum says, his head still facing a different direction but Taemin can see the smirk on his lips.

Taemin shuffles in his seat and coughs. “What? No, oh my god, what are you even talking about.” Defensive.

The grin on Kibum’s lips is devastatingly irresistible when he turns and holds Taemin’s gaze. The apples of his cheeks are stained with rose, there’s an entertained glint underlying the curious mask in his eyes, something that charms Taemin to a point where he vaguely smiles.

“Then stop staring.”

Taemin blinks out of his trance, jerks his head back and scoffs. “I wasn’t staring at you!”

“Sure.” Kibum says, his tone laced with sarcasm. Taemin scoffs again for good measure.

Silence consumes them like a blanket, but it smothers Taemin. He shifts, twiddles his thumbs until he can’t hold back. “Call the waiter back and order what you want.”

“I want a muffin, though.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me, you’ll be puking on the side on the road the rest of the trip! If it’s money you’re worried about, then I’ll pay.”

Kibum’s a stranger, and Taemin is well aware of that with each passing moment. However that may be, something compels Taemin to stop being selfish, offer some help where it’s needed.

Kibum looks up from where he’s been pushing back his cuticles with his thumb. The second he catches Taemin’s scrutiny, he lowers his head. “You don’t have to do that.”

“Well, I want to, so just…do it.” Kibum gives him that stare again, the one that makes Taemin subconsciously hook his leg over the other. “Don’t get the wrong idea; I just don’t want to hear you complaining.”

“Thanks, Taemin.”

The words are so heartfelt, all emotion exposed, that Taemin can’t even decipher what he’s grateful for.

It’s been ten minutes. Ten minutes according to the clock on the wall. Ten minutes since Kibum has disappeared into the bathroom. His comeback has been anticipated since 2 minutes into the wait.

Taemin sighs as he heaves himself from the booth.

“Where are the bathrooms?” He asks the nearest waiter, a tall bloke with huge eyes that make Taemin feel like he’s always watching.

“Down the hall,” the man points – Minho, as his nametag reads – and Taemin mutters thanks as he bends a short, thankful bow.

“Kibum?” Taemin knocks on the door. There’s only two toilets, one male and one female, and for some reason completely beyond him, Taemin doubts the latter of the two. Taemin pitches himself against the opposite wall, hands layered behind him on his lower back, waiting for a reply.

Nothing comes.

“Ki – ” Is as far as Taemin gets before the door swings open, and there’s a manic Kibum reaching out for him. He catches Taemin by the jacket and tugs so roughly that Taemin goes stumbling into the bathroom with him.

“What the fuck are you doing?!” Taemin exclaims as he’s slammed against the wall, eyes as wide as the advancing moon outside when Kibum presses up against him. The toilet is small, yes, but it’s big enough for two people. Taemin gulps.

“You took long enough, god.” He says. “Calm down. You look like I’m about to cut out your liver and sell it on the black market.” Kibum smirks and leans his weight on Taemin. Their faces are so close that their noses practically brush together, but Taemin has nowhere to escape. Kibum has him pinned to the wall.

“Well, would you blame me?” Taemin squeaks at the end of the sentence and clears his throat. It’s been years since he’s experienced something like that, and now it’s happened twice in one day.

“Somebody feels a little…excited.” Kibum’s voice rumbles, as deep as the eyes that Taemin glowers into. He hikes his knee up and presses it directly against Taemin’s semi-hard cock, kneading it further into life with each shallow circle and rub of his leg.

“I’m not – ” Taemin squirms as Kibum presses against him harder, their faces so close that Taemin’s eyes drift shut, quite possibly in anticipation. “I’m not gay.”

“I’m not saying you are. But what I am saying is that this?” Kibum’s hand ghosts over Taemin’s hips and directly replaces his knee with his palm. Taemin shudders at the spike of pleasure. “This begs to differ.” Kibum slowly drags out his words, his fingers leisurely moving in circles right around Taemin’s balls, thumbing over the clothed head of Taemin’s cock. He leans in closer, lips brushing against the sensitive shell of Taemin’s ears and whispers, “I’m seen those kind of eyes before, Taemin.”

“I don’t k-know what you’re t-talking about.” Taemin stutters, a whimper in his tone as Kibum’s deep laughter drowns in his ear.

“Relax. I just want to thank you.” Kibum says and sinks to a crouching position, his face so close to Taemin’s cock that the latter chokes on his breath and juts his hips forward, closing in the distance. A whimper catches in his throat when Kibum gives one last glance up to him as he unbuttons him from his jeans, the sound of the zipper gliding down each tooth deafening.

Taemin’s cock strains against the pathetic buttons on his red boxers, a small patch of dark burgundy so, so evident of where precum has leaked. Kibum’s breathing shallows, gets louder as he drags his tongue up the outline, his hot mouth curving over the head, leaving stripes of damp in their wake.

“K-Kibum, s-stop.” Taemin begs, and for a second they both believe that that’s what he really wants.

It isn’t.

“Oh god.” Taemin breathes as Kibum reaches into his boxers and curls his fingers around Taemin’s cock in a tight fist, cooing at his prize as he guides it through the hole in Taemin’s boxers. He moans as he trails his tongue up the underside of Taemin’s cock, pressing an open-mouthed kiss to the tip. Circling his tongue around the head, Kibum slowly sucks Taemin into his mouth.

Taemin’s head bangs off the wall as he moans, fingers balling into fists at his side as Kibum takes him further into his hot, wet mouth, his cheeks hallowing as he bobs his head. He pants, each breath so loud and echoing off the walls of the small toilet as Kibum swivels his tongue around the tip every time he brings his head back.

“Does it feel good?” Kibum moans, breathless as he jerks his hand up and down, head moving lower to take one of Taemin’s balls into his mouth.

“Fuck…Kibum” Taemin groans, so wound up by the pleasure, light-headed as Kibum licks at his balls. When he finally musters the courage to look down, Kibum’s eyes are closed, lips a dark pink, fisting his own cock in his free hand.

“Oh fuck.” The sight goes straight to his groin, as if he wasn’t so turned on already. Taemin’s hands tremble as he lifts one to plunge it through Kibum’s dirty blond tresses, guiding his head back to his cock and Kibum smirks a little, breathes a laugh as he takes Taemin into his mouth again.

The second Taemin’s cock hits the back of Kibum’s throat, Taemin’s thighs quake and his breath hitches, expletives flowing from his mouth as he quivers, fist tightening on Kibum’s hair, bucking up into the tight heat around his cock. Kibum moans around the cock in his mouth, the vibrations hurling Taemin into a lust-fuelled frenzy, taking hold of Kibum head and keeping it still as he thrusts his hips, pumping his cock in and out of Kibum’s mouth.

“I’m gonna – ” Taemin warns and Kibum nods his head, moaning in acknowledgement, sucking that much harder, urging Taemin to completion. “Kibum…” Taemin moans, no longer able to hold back. He nudges Kibum off his cock and takes himself in his fist, working the tight circle around his cock so quickly that it hurts his arm.

“Open your mouth.” He pants, shaking his fringe out of his view to see the sight on Kibum crouching down, needy for his cum like some wanton whore and it drives him to his orgasm, his fist slowing as he milks himself, some of his cum spurting onto Kibum’s cheek. Just when he thinks he’s finished, Kibum takes Taemin’s cock into his mouth again, tongue digging into the slit like he’s thirsty for more. Air hisses through Taemin’s clenched teeth as he slumps against the wall, exhausted and dreamy, waiting until it becomes too sensitive to bear.

Kibum stands as Taemin tucks himself back into his boxers and buttons himself up, eyeing at his hand streaked with his own cum with a fair amount of amusement.

“I’ll, uh… I’ll be in the car.” Taemin says as Kibum turns to the sink, frowning at the appearance of his hair in his reflection. Taemin’s still breathless, eyes unfocused and lips fat. The sound of the bathroom door slamming behind him jolts him into a brisk stride.

“You know,” Kibum starts as Taemin meanders around another turn. His eyes light up when he sees a blinking motel sign at the long end of the road. “I think I’ll just sleep in the car tonight. The seat reclines right?” He chuckles, searching for a button or lever.

“I already said I’ll pay.” Taemin says distantly, eyes squinting as he tries to see the turn off. “Do you see the parking lot anywhere?” He mutters, sitting forward in his seat and willing himself to morph into a cat-like animal to be able to see in the dark.

“It’s right there. You just passed it.” Kibum points behind Taemin’s headrest.

Taemin sighs. “Well, thanks. Could’ve told me before that happened.” He says as he glances around the road and does a swift U-turn, driving straight down the parking lot alleyway. The place is completely deserted.

“I guess they don’t get a lot of tourists.” Kibum whispers as his eyes dart around the lobby and Taemin nudges him with his elbow, muttering a ‘be quiet’ as he rings the little bell on the counter for the third time.

“Welcome!” Comes a deep voice. They hear him before they see him, and it’s a surprise when a young man, probably not much older than either one of them, pops out from the office behind the counter.

“Hi there, we’re looking for a place to stay for the night?” Kibum smiles sweetly, leaning over the counter top.

“One or two rooms?” The man grins, so enthusiastic that it’s a little scary.

Kibum glances to Taemin over his shoulder. “We can share right?” He smiles quickly and winks, not expecting a reply of any sort. “One, please.” He says to the receptionist.

“Is that a two singles or a double?”

“Double.” Kibum says before Taemin can interject. Taemin scoffs and rolls his eyes.

The receptionist’s smile falters – slight, but noticeable – and fills out a short paper form. “Just sign here please. Will you be paying by cash or credit?”

“Credit.” Taemin steps up and Kibum smiles and he steps back out of the way in surrender as Taemin hands over his credit card from his wallet.

They trail their single bags up to their room, dwelling staircases and dark hallways, but for the price of the place they can’t really expect much. Not that Taemin expects much from this adventure, all he can see is freedom and if it means shabby motels and getting head in bathrooms, then so be it.

“You know…” Kibum says as he roams into the en-suite and appears again with a tiny bottle of shampoo, eyeing it suspiciously, “This place isn’t even that bad. I mean, the whole town itself could use an upgrade but…It’s nice. Quaint.”

“Quaint.” Taemin repeats, unzipping his bag and pulling out pyjamas.

“It’s cute.” Kibum coos. “It’s like a town you would read about in historic books or something.”

“I’m pretty sure that I did read about it in history.” Taemin says as he lingers, eyeing as Kibum disappear into the bathroom again, and then finally strips.

“You know, you could at least act like you want to talk to me. We have a long drive ahead, we should get to know each other.” Kibum calls out when he realises Taemin’s superficial disinterest. He re-emerges from the toilet in five seconds flat, completely ready for bed. Clad in a tight pair of black boxers, Taemin notices with an awkward cough.

“That was fast.” Taemin blinks, pulling up his cotton bottoms too quickly and revelling in the comfort.

“Years of experience honey.” Kibum winks and hops onto their newly shared bed, right on the side that Taemin wanted. Taemin pouts as he reluctantly flops on the bed next to Kibum. He finds comfort on his stomach, arms cradling his head underneath his pillow.

“Good night.” Taemin whispers, smiling. It’s the first night of his official freedom, the awakening of his adventure.

“’Night.” Kibum replies and Taemin hears shuffling next to him, behind him. He succumbs into a deep sleep within seconds.

Somewhere along the pleasant ride of unconsciousness, something jolts Taemin awake. He’s not too sure why, because when his eyes flutter open, it’s still dark in the room and so deadly quiet. It almost lures him back to sleep and he flips onto his other side, finding another comfort. It takes about a minute for it to register that he’s now alone in the bed.

From his position, Taemin blinks and focuses his eyes as they dart around what he can see of the room, searching for his companion. Taemin locates Kibum on the windowsill, his knees hugged to his chest and head resting on the platform as he looks out the window.

“Is there something wrong?” Taemin croaks with a deep voice. The shatter of silence jars Kibum from his thoughts and he looks over his shoulder, right at Taemin and shakes his head.

“Can’t sleep.” He murmurs, the rivulets of light coming from the window silhouetting him. Taemin barely sees the smile before Kibum turns back.

Taemin sighs as he rolls himself out of bed and stumbles to the bathroom. He’s awake now, even though he’s so exhausted, and he mindlessly does his business, washes his hands and fumbles around his toiletry bag for his toothbrush. No amount of water will quench the thirst in his mouth until he’s brushed his teeth.

Taemin nestles himself on the wall next to the window, maintaining most of his weight on his shoulder and Kibum barely even acknowledges that he’s there until he takes a deep breath and sighs.

“I uh…” Kibum starts, his eyes still trained outside, digging himself further into his knees. “I got dumped back in Seoul.” He weakly scoffs as he runs a hand down his face. “Asshole took everything I had. The house we shared was under his name, shared banking. Took all my savings, you know, as if everything that had already happened wasn’t enough.” Kibum gives a bitter laugh as he turns to face Taemin briefly, his eyes vacant except for the pain that is so very familiar to Taemin.

“I’m sorry, Kibum.” Taemin says and takes a precautionary step forward, closer to him, like he’s approaching an endangered species. When Kibum doesn’t lash out at him, Taemin completely closes the distance and places a palm on his back, rubbing in soothing circles as Kibum exhales loudly. His head falls onto Taemin’s chest, eyes drifting shut.

“I couldn’t even buy a fucking bus ticket.” Pause. “I just wanted to go home.” He whispers.

“Then it’s a good thing that I’m here then.” Taemin smiles and squeezes Kibum closer to his chest. He’s overwhelmed by the emotions that he’s feeling, so mixed that he’s unsure how he’s supposed to react.

“Yeah, it is.” Kibum lifts his head and looks up at Taemin, uncurling his knees and twisting so they fall off the sill, spreading them to make room for Taemin, and although the latter knows that the twitch in his cock is highly frowned upon in this situation, it happens anyway. “I guess I’m kind of glad you nearly ran me over.”

“You’re still an idiot for doing that, by the way.”

“And you’re still a bad driver.” Kibum looks up and that tantalizing smile is back, the one that testifies his confidence. The room feels stuffy all of a sudden.

“I can just leave you here, you know – ” Taemin jokes and makes his move to break from Kibum’s lazy hold on his hips.

“Like I’ll ever let that happen.” Kibum cocks his head, dark eyes sparkling with wicked intent, his smile slow and predatory. Kibum pulls his lip up between his teeth, an action that Taemin’s pupils blow up at, and suddenly, Taemin wants those full, pouty lips between his teeth. They breathe in tandem. Their eyes are locked. Waiting to see what the next move is going to be.

“Well I’m gunna – ”

“Oh no you don’t.” Kibum curls a fist around Taemin’s wrist, yanks him back into his arms and the staring contest is back into play. Only this time around, it’s a heated, brief affair. It’s a look that sends Taemin’s balls drawing up feverishly tight against his hardening cock. Kibum slowly brings his head closer, eyes darting from Taemin’s eyes to his lips as the distance between them gets shorter. Taemin’s set in stone, unable to muster the strength to back away even if he wanted to, his eyes drifting shut as Kibum finally closes his mouth over Taemin’s.

Taemin gasps and Kibum voraciously inches his tongue into his mouth, immediately flinging his arms around Taemin’s neck, grabbing at the back of his head, pressing in closer and Taemin is completely consumed by the hot, intense taste of Kibum’s mouth and the bold thrust of his tongue.

Kibum links his bare legs around Taemin’s hips and tightens them, pressing their groins together, and swallows the muffled grunt that Taemin gives in compliance. They tangle together, so close, so familiar that it barely registers that this is actually their first kiss. It’s nothing like kissing a girl, there’s no softness, all brute, and Taemin can feel Kibum’s stubble on his chin, prickly and like nothing he has ever experienced before.

Kibum pulls away breathless, eyes hooded and hazy, to instantly latch his lips onto Taemin’s neck, kissing and sucking until the sensitive skin tints to a red.

“Oh god.” Taemin whimpers, letting his head fall to the side.

Kibum nibbles on Taemin’s sharp jawline as his hands wander, exploring the sharp edges of Taemin’s body with his splayed out fingers. He discovers Taemin’s nipple, hard and insistent, and fans his thumb over it as he ravenously catches Taemin’s lips again and presses inside when Taemin gasps in pleasure, white-hot and spreading through his body like a wild-fire.

Kibum’s lush lips kiss and nip their way down Taemin’s chest, spine curling as he locates Taemin’s nipple and sucks it into his mouth. A stuttered inhale is the only thing Taemin can manage as Kibum flicks his tongue over the brown nub as he thumbs over the other and it’s almost an assault. Previously, no over girl had ever paid attention to his nipples, Taemin completely unaware to how sensitive they are to a person’s touch.

Taemin pitches his fingers under Kibum’s chin and guides him back to his lips for another knee-shattering kiss, so heated. Taemin is well aware of the bulge in Kibum’s boxers, pressing hot against his own, and he breaks the kiss to look down, experimentally tracing his quivering hand up the outline. Kibum sucks in a breath, his eyes kindling in flammable tension when Taemin looks up at him, odd curiosity painted on his features.

They stay like that, Taemin slowly growing the confidence to palm over Kibum’s cock, unable to tear his eyes away from the way Kibum’s lips part as his breath shallows.

“You can touch it, you know.”

Taemin chews on his lip as he hooks his fingers into Kibum’s boxers and waits for Kibum to lift his weight onto his arms, granting permission to take them off. Kibum’s cock springs against his stomach, so hard and throbbing red, furious from the teasing that it almost looks painful. Tentatively, Taemin takes Kibum’s cock into his hand, hot and heavy, and pants as he slowly works the tight circle around his cock. It’s the first time he’s ever held another man’s cock in his hand, and he can’t stop trembling.

Kibum grabs a hold of Taemin’s wrist. Whether to stop him or urge him, neither are sure. His head drops onto Taemin’s shoulder, hot breath fanning out with each brash exhale.

“Are you sure you can do this? It can be sore the first time.” Kibum murmurs as a warning – giving him the option before it becomes too late – into Taemin’s chest and the hand around his cock tightens in confidence, moves faster.


Exuberance sparks in Kibum’s eyes and he rips Taemin’s grasp off his cock and hops down from the windowsill, tugs them to the bed. It’s cold from lack of use, but it warms up quickly. Kibum blankets Taemin with his body, claiming his lips in a rough kiss, one that has Taemin’s head reeling and his cock throbbing, begging for notice. There’s something so unfamiliar about the scratch of Kibum’s stubble bristling at his chest as he kisses his way down Taemin’s chest, something that Taemin’s never experienced before, his frail body receiving so much attention. The fact that it’s Kibum tugging down his pyjamas and boxers forms a knot of desire in Taemin’s stomach.

The room feels so hot, and Taemin feels even hotter as Kibum licks a line up Taemin’s cock from base to tip. He hisses, brows furrowing at the intense pleasure of Kibum drawing him into his mouth, one hand gripping his hip, the other snaking up to roll one of Taemin’s nipples between his fingers. It’s too much; torture for Taemin and his thighs tremble as he bucks up into Kibum’s compliant mouth, squirming against the sheets.

“Kibum.” Taemin moans as his cock hits Kibum’s throat with ease, relaxing the muscle to accommodate. One hand fisted into his hair and the other grasping Kibum’s, Taemin’s eyes drift closed, his lips part, so enraptured by the pleasure that Kibum brings with his mouth.

Kibum nudges Taemin’s legs apart and folds them closer to his chest. Taemin lids fly open, suddenly so exposed to Kibum.

“What are you – ”

“Tell me if it hurts.” Kibum glances up briefly, eyes hungry, as he trails his tongue down Taemin’s cock, down to his balls, and then lower. Taemin whimpers as Kibum slowly traces a circle around Taemin’s hole with his tongue and it’s like nothing he’s ever felt before, the feeling is so new to him, and it feels fucking amazing, Kibum’s tongue dragging over Taemin’s quivering hole. Taemin’s never even thought about somebody doing that to him, something so dirty that he squirms against Kibum’s tongue and pushes his hips down, searching for more.

Kibum’s tongue is hot and smooth and insistent as he slides it up and down, flicking at Taemin’s hole, panting out his mouth and everything is just so heated that Taemin’s head lolls back against the pillows, hand clenching the sheets as waves of pleasure pound into him.

Kibum favours to take Taemin’s cock back into his mouth as his finger circles the latter’s hole and slowly adds pressure bit by bit to the entrance until he breaches the muscle, his tongue swiping over the sensitive underside of Taemin’s cock simultaneously. It’s too much.

The mewls can’t stop escaping, Taemin can’t stop moaning, can’t stop trying to communicate how good this feels since he can’t muster words, how it’s something he’s never felt before. Kibum’s slightly hesitant, Taemin realised by the leisurely speed he’s taken.

“Kibum, please.” Taemin moans, finally speaking if it means that Kibum will go faster.

“What? What is it?” Kibum stops all movement and his eyes shine with concern as he looks up.

Taemin whimpers. “Don’t stop.” He warns, curling his hips and clenching around Kibum’s finger. He can feel the smirk on Kibum’s lips as he places erratic kisses on Taemin’s hip bones, his finger resuming its previous speed.


“What?” Kibum purrs as he slides further up the bed, leaving kisses in his wake.

“Fuck, will you just hurry up!” Taemin lashes out. His hips constantly move, bucking up, searching for something bigger.

Kibum steals the moan straight from Taemin’s lips as he pushes in another finger and curls them inside, pressing against Taemin’s walls. There’s a dull throb, one that Taemin barely registers as Kibum pumps his fingers in and out, stealing every pant from Taemin’s lips. Taemin’s lazy, barely focusing on the kiss, centred on the pull and drag of Kibum’s fingers. He feels dizzy with the pleasure of something inside him, of Kibum’s fingers pressing in deep.

Kibum slides his fingers out and Taemin’s lids drift open as he registers the change in weight on the bed as Kibum leaves and disappears into the bathroom. He returns not even 5 seconds later with a small tube in his hand.

“Knew I saw this earlier.” Kibum murmurs with a triumphant smile and crawls back onto the bed, bracing palms on each side of Taemin’s head, swooping down for another kiss. He tumbles onto the bed and takes Taemin with him, his thighs straddling Kibum’s hips, cock pressed in the valley of his ass.

“I don’t really think – ” Taemin starts – how is he supposed to take the steering wheel at a time like this? He turned the key, yes, but that doesn’t mean that he knows how to work the gear shift. His inept knowledge can only take him so far.

“If it hurts, you need to stop.” Kibum says and Taemin cocks his head as he understands that Kibum won’t be able to.

Taemin reluctantly nods, doubting that he has control any more than Kibum does, and closes his eyes as he grips Kibum’s cock at the base, lines it up. It takes a couple jabs before Taemin can finally sink down onto his cock. Searing pain prickles his lower back, but it’s a good type of burn. Kind of like something he would crave. It’s like his whole universe has shifted and he so full with Kibum’s cock inside him, his mind is going hazy, so cloudy as he lifts his hips up and tentatively lowers back down. Kibum gasps and clutches Taemin’s hips so hard that it’s more uncomfortable than the cock inside him.

“Oh fuck.” Taemin collapses his head onto Kibum’s chest, spine curling like a cat as he flexes his lips, clenches his thighs as he drops down on Kibum’s cock, brows laced in his forehead and fat, abused lips parted as he pants.

“Are you okay?” Kibum rasps, voice strained.

“Mmhmm.” Taemin mumbles with a weak nod of his head, grating his hips down. He raises and lowers himself onto Kibum’s slick cock, gasping as it stretches his tight hole and Kibum growls, ankles digging into Taemin’s mattress as he slowly fucks up into Taemin, a beg for Taemin to quicken his speed but trying to be of help. Taemin lifts his head with a shuddered gasp, plants his palm on Kibum’s chest, pushing down for leverage every time he meets Kibum’s thrusts, his tiny body working to keep up. He wants to please Kibum, he does, but it still hurts despite the small slivers of pleasure that come with his hand wrapped around his own cock, relieving the pressure. Taemin pushes down on Kibum’s hips, a beg for him to stop and let Taemin take control and Kibum obliges, lets Taemin grind his hips in swivels. And that’s when it happens.

“Shit.” Taemin’s breath hitches as his eyes haze over, slowly falling shut as he continues to grind himself, exhaling in stuttered relief now that he’s finally found something that works. Kibum’s cock abuses his prostate, massaging it with each press and pull, incandescent pleasure knotting in his stomach.

Taemin lifts his body and drops down so hard he nearly screams, would’ve every bubble of oxygen hadn’t been jarred from his chest. Kibum holds onto his hips, trying to fix him in place to thrust up, but Taemin’s too lost in the delirium to have his movements ceased. Each slam sends a spike of sharp pleasure, sweet pain and after a few more moments, Taemin collapses into Kibum’s chest, bones melting with each push at his prostate.

Kibum takes care of it. He flips them over on the bed and almost on verge of withdrawal, he drives his cock back into Taemin in one solid thrust. Taemin whimpers, Kibum is so deep, sweat trickling down his face, so wound up from everything that’s happened between them that it’s almost too much for Taemin. Kibum buries himself to the hilt with each thrust, catching Taemin’s legs and forcing them up and spreading them wider, so wide that there’s a spearing pressure between his thighs and it’s not from Kibum’s cock.

Kibum takes Taemin’s cock in his fist and catches the cry on Taemin’s tongue as he pumps his fist in time with his thrusts, the kiss soon becoming a part of it all. The pressure rises, the spiralling pleasure so intense as Kibum swipes his thumb over the sensitive tip, and Taemin scrapes his blunt fingertips down Kibum’s back, clawing at his skin as Kibum’s sharp hips jar against his skin with each slam.

Taemin’s completely done for. He cums with a feral moan, ropes of white flying onto his chest, trickling onto the back of Kibum’s hand. His orgasm is so strong he feels like he could pass out, so overwhelmed by everything, aware of Kibum’s cock breaching his muscles. He cums with a deep groan, accelerating to short, controlled strokes as he empties himself into Taemin’s hole.

Taemin winces as Kibum holds the base of his cock and pulls out, his body pulsating with how sensitive it is to the touch. He feels thoroughly fucked, his chest heaving with every breath, and his asshole is throbbing, clenching around something that isn’t there. Kibum flops onto the bed next to him, spread eagle, and they pant simultaneously, both completely shattered.

“How long has it been since you broke up?” Taemin murmurs as he looks down at his stomach, finger swiping the liquid that’s pooled. He wipes it with a loose part of the sheet.

Kibum sighs. “I don’t know, like two weeks or something?”

Taemin laughs, all bitter. “Am I the rebound guy?” Taemin glances over to see Kibum slowly shaking his head.

“Nah.” Kibum rolls onto his side, catching Taemin’s eyes. “You’re too pretty to only be a rebound.”

Taemin’s cheeks stain a rosy pink, face on fire at the compliment. He wonders when it was along the road that he became so bashful that another man calling him pretty would make him violently blush.

Perhaps it was the very first second.

“Where did you stay? Didn’t he take everything?” Taemin returns his study back on the ceiling, unable to properly see anything in the dark.

“Wandered between friends’ houses.” Pause. “The floor is nowhere near as comfy as this bed though.” Kibum says, his words already slowing as he inches closer to Taemin.

Kibum is asleep against Taemin’s chest before he can even reply.

The air is stuffy, so humid, the sun hiding behind the sheer clouds. Sweat beads on Taemin’s brow bone as he shrugs his jacket off, ungraciously switching his hands on the wheel to slip his arms out of the fabric. When they had packed up the car this morning, there was a frost over the grass and so cold you could see your breath, but now it’s so hot that even with the windows down Taemin feels like he’s suffocating.

When Taemin glances over Kibum’s skin is flush with the heat, lips parted and skin sticky. There’s a small gleam where the sun hits his neck, coated with sweat. Taemin sucks his bottom lip into his mouth and sneaks glances over to him until it’s too much to bear.

He pulls off down a dirt path and parks the car. Kibum looks surprised, eyes curious but quickly darkens with a teasing glimmer as Taemin slinks into the back seat and tugs Kibum with him. They fuck in the crammed space of his car, skin sliding together, tongues tangling. Taemin groans so loud that it practically echoes in his ears when he rams his cock into Kibum’s hole, watching as Kibum’s tight little body accepts it every thrust, the slippery feel of sweat making the ride that much more satisfying.

The corners of Taemin’s lips curve upward as he turns the knob on the radio. As the rough guitar riffs and heavy bass thump from the speakers, Taemin glances over to Kibum. His face is turned out the window, feet planted on the dashboard like Taemin specifically asked him not to do, sunglasses on the tip of his nose. There’s a vague smile on his lips.

There’s a crash, a sudden halt in Taemin’s thoughts. He realises that this is the last half an hour he has with Kibum.

Taemin clenches his teeth, tightens his lazy grip on the wheel. There’s a pounding in his head. It feels like everything just pauses around him, his mind centred on one thing and one thing only. After half an hour in this clammy car, Taemin will never see Kibum again.

“You’re kind of quiet.” Kibum breaks the silence that Taemin has involuntarily drowned them in. “Something wrong?”

There’s so much that Taemin doesn’t know. So much that he wants to know.

“It’s nothing.” Taemin mumbles, favouring the bland view out the window as he chews on his nails.

Sign after sign passes until…. Daegu.

“Well. I guess this is me then.” Kibum says, sighing as he fixes the hem of his shirt, pulls down the visor and rearranges his hair in the mirror. He sighs again. “Are you going to continue to brood or are you going to say goodbye.”

Taemin doesn’t reply. People pass by the bus stop that he’s pulled over at, some sit, some don’t. The sky in Daegu is dull, overcasting grey, hiding the sun. Taemin frowns as Kibum removes his sunglasses.

“Okay, fine.” Kibum breathes a bitter laugh. “Well, bye. I guess. This has been fun.” He swings the car open. One foot out of the car.

Taemin can’t hold back. He latches onto Kibum’s wrist and yanks him back into his seat, pulling and pulling until he catches Kibum’s lips in an enraged kiss, no lust, all emotion. He doesn’t even care who can see them. He kisses Kibum so forcefully that Kibum whimpers, hands flying up to cup Taemin’s cheek, pressing his chest onto Taemin’s. Taemin’s panting as they pull away, foreheads pressed together.

“Come with me.” Taemin whispers.


“Come with me…to Busan.”

Kibum leans back in his seat, head tipped back and brows furrowed, like he’s in pain. “I can’t.” He whispers, so quiet that Taemin strains to hear him.


“I want to, Taemin, believe me when I say I want to but…” The silence is deafening. “I have to get my life in order. I have nothing, Taemin. Nothing to offer you.” Taemin wants to shout, scream, hit Kibum for being so wrong. He has everything that Taemin wants. “Find somebody who’s better for you than I am.”

Taemin can feel his heart thumping, the clear ring of rejection resonating in his ears.

“We’ll always have this road trip.”

It takes five seconds for Taemin’s unshed tears to drip over the brim as he looks in his wing mirror and sees Kibum leaning against the glass of the bus stop, head down and chest heaving.


Taemin has been in Busan for five months when he finally musters up the courage to speak to her. She sits on the bench by the beach every Friday afternoon with her tongue lapping at a mint chocolate chip ice-cream cone. So far, he’s managed to wave at her when he’s on his evening jog. She’s beautiful, so beautiful that it’s intimidating, but when he asks her out, she surprisingly says yes. They last 3 months.

His big calling in life comes with a promotion when Taemin is twenty one. He moves up the corporate ladder inch by inch, a callous glint in his eyes and a smirk on his lips at those who are less fortunate than him. Business hardens his soul, so much that he no longer has time for anything other than work.

At twenty three, a scandal breaks out. One that could cost him his career. It does. Taemin reaches the boiling point at twenty three. With nothing left, Taemin goes to the local shop and buys a map. There’s a vague memory in his mind, a dull throb in his heart. Taemin already knows where he’s going.


Tags: fandom: shinee, genre: au!, genre: romance, pairing: taekey, rating: nc-17, type: oneshot
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